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Our Team’s Thanksgiving Traditions

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Our Team’s Thanksgiving Traditions
THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS COME in all shapes and sizes. From the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to breaking the wishbone to getting together with those wacky yet lovable relatives, traditions vary from family to family, and that includes the families of our practice’s team members!

Unusual Thanksgiving Traditions

Dr. Gaebelein:  We just have the normal turkey and stuffing day.

Karen:  Our family loves to kick off the holiday watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We also enjoy watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.  We usually prepare a breakfast quiche then start meal preparations for our Thanksgiving feast.  We most recently started making a brined turkey, which was delicious! 

Teresa:  We have an unusual food tradition that comes from our Italian background.  Before eating the traditional turkey dinner, we have homemade Italian Wedding Soup first.  Delicious! 

Courtney:  Our tradition was that every year, a different household in our family would “host” the dinner.  We would rotate throughout the entire family.  This way, the same person wouldn’t have the task of preparing EVERYTHING every year.  It also allowed us a chance to visit everyone’s home and travel to some different places!

Favorite Thanksgiving Memories

Dr. Gaebelein:  We used to have an annual turkey bowl on Thanksgiving morning.  One year, it was so muddy it was hard to recognize us when we were done.  And it snowed the entire 4th quarter of the game.

Teri:  My granddaughter, Brooklyn, reminded me of my brownies from last year.  She calls my recipe “Hard as a Rock Brownies”.  The reason being,  when I went to cut the brownies, i stuck the knife in, it would not move to cut.  Tried to lift it out, and the WHOLE tray of brownies came out in one piece!  She is hoping that I don’t make them this year! 

Karen:  Preparing the stuffing to stuff the big bird.  Playing pinochle around Grandma and Grandpa’s kitchen table with about 15 family members.  Eating homemade nut rolls and breads Grandma made for the holidays.  Sharing gift ideas for Christmas.  Looking at the huge newspaper and all the advertisements for the big sales on Black Friday.  Enjoying family and giving thanks for what we have been blessed with.

Teresa:  When I was a child, Thanksgiving was served in courses.  It was tradition in my Italian household to first have wedding soup, then homemade ravioli’s and meatballs and then the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  We started our celebration at 1:00 and ate for the whole day!

Lynda:  My favorite Thanksgiving memory was getting the jam packed holiday newspaper with all the sale inserts.  The kids would look for their favorite toys are the adults for a secret Santa gift.  Then we would all put our names in a basket and pick one person to buy a gift for and try to keep it a secret until Christmas.

Sharon: When my husband was younger, he tried to spray some canned whipped cream into his mouth.  He held the tip upward towards the ceiling.  When he sprayed it, he ended up missing his mouth and getting the whipped cream all the way to the ceiling!  It was so comical that we still talk about it at every Thanksgiving.  We have even tried to reenact it!  We have yet to reach the ceiling again! 

Courtney:  When we were younger, all the kids would get together and play various games while we waited for dinner.  One of the more popular games was left, right, center.  We all loved that game!  As we got older, and once the oldest (me) could drive, we would sneak out and go to McDonald’s for a quick snack because we were all so hungry waiting for dinner!
My craziest memory, is the year of the BAD mashed potatoes.  The person who prepared the potatoes got the premade store bought mashed potatoes from GFS, but they did not “doctor” them up at all.  They tasted like paste and were TERRIBLE!  Everyone tried various ways to make them better – from a TON of gravy, to BBQ sauce.  Nothing helped.  Ever since that Thanksgiving, I have mastered making mashed potatoes and I make sure that I am the one to bring it to dinner every year.  

Elise:  I always eat myself into a food coma so I never remember anything! 


Watch this video to find out where some of the most iconic Thanksgiving traditions come from:

Enjoying traditions is one part of what makes Thanksgiving wonderful, but staying on top of our oral health is another! If you’re looking for ways to make your Thanksgiving dinner more mouth-healthy, you can find a few here. Don’t forget to keep brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing daily, and if it’s been a while since your last dental exam, we’d love to see you!

Tell Us About Your Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions!

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite traditions and memories, we want to hear how your family celebrates Thanksgiving! Share a comment on Facebook to let us know about your unique traditions, or tell us about them when you come in for your next appointment!

Our patients are what we’re most thankful for this year and every year!



This article was written by Courtney