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Sleep Apnea Devices

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Do You Snore? Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Do you Hate your CPAP Machine?

Sleep Apnea is a life-diminishing and life-threatening problem. Millions struggle with the condition but are frustrated by the limited treatment options—like their CPAP machine. Now, many patients can benefit from dental oral appliances to treat their sleep apnea!


Why an oral appliance?

• Easy to take on overnight stays
• Bedroom-friendly relationship builder (not bulky and noisy and not an obvious intrusion)
• Also solves snoring problems
• Easy maintenance
• No tube to interfere with sleep positions


Do You Qualify?

Most medical insurance policies cover a portion of dental appliances under two conditions:

1. The patient has fewer than 30 events (defined as low oxygen or stopped breathing) episodes per hour. At this level of Sleep Apnea, oral appliances are usually able to control the problem. Many times sleep clinics don’t even offer this alternative.

2. The patient cannot wear or tolerate their CPAP machine. In these cases, an oral appliance, while not as ideal as CPAP treatment, can improve the situation.


How It Works


Pictured above is an example of an oral sleep appliance. These devices work by holding the lower jaw forward and open. This allows the airway to be more open which eliminates most breathing cessation events. We follow up with a take-home sleep testing machine to make sure your sleep apnea is corrected. Typically, the patient knows the appliance is working because they awake feeling refreshed and ready to go about their day with increased energy.


Stop Snoring!

These same appliances can be used to eliminate snoring. Most people with sleep apnea snore but not all those that snore suffer from sleep apnea.

We make appliances for Sleep Apnea sufferers and those who want snoring relief. We provide initial take-home sleep tests for those who are suspicious that they have sleep apnea.

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