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Oral Cancer Screening

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At every check-up appointment, Dr. Gaebelein performs a visual oral cancer exam.  With the rise of oral cancer, we offer and extra VELscope exam.  VELscope is an early detection device that is used along with the traditional oral cancer exam.  The exam only takes 2-3 minutes, is pain free and does not involve any distasteful rinses or messy dyes.  It was the first system approved by the FDA to help spot cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions that might not be visable to the naked eye.



The VELscope emits a cone of safe, high energy blue light in the mouth that causes the cells to absorb the light energy and re-emit visable fluorescence.  Special optical filters in the VELscope hand piece enable the clinician to immediately view the different fluorescence patterns which highlight areas of concern.  Typically, healthy tissue shows up with a green glow and the abnormal suspicious tissue may cause a loss of fluorescence and thus appear dark.  This allows the area of concern to be highlighted in the mouth.  It is also important to understand that the VELscope system is used only to detect tissue that appears to be abnormal.  If an abnormal area is detected you will be referred to an oral surgeon for a biopsy to be completed for an accurate diagnosis.  This allows not only for early detection of oral cancers but to detect and treat areas of pre-cancerous lesions before they become a problem.  Here at our office, we believe in this enhanced screening so strongly that we have created a program called “Peace of Mind for Life”.  For a one time fee you will receive annual oral cancer checks with the VELscope for as long as you remain our patient.  There will be no other fees charged to you.  We believe very strongly in prevention and urge all of our patients to take advantage of this service.  If you have any questions regarding the VELscope, or oral cancer in general, do not hesitate to bring it up at your next visit!

Early detection can improve the chance of successful treatment.