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Foods That Prevent Bad Breath

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Foods That Prevent Bad Breath

Maybe eating raw onions with your hamburger at lunch wasn’t the best idea because now you are faced with bad breath all afternoon. Many people find they can’t hide what they ate because certain foods linger in their systems, causing bad breath. Onions and garlic are probably the most common and most well-known instigators of bad breath, or halitosis, but there are others. The issue with foods like onions and garlic is that they contain pungent oils that get carried through your bloodstream to your lungs. When you breathe out, the pungent leftovers are exhaled too!

In order to minimize the problem, practice good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day and floss daily. If bad breath is a problem, be sure to brush your tongue as well — that’s where odor-causing bacteria like to live, especially at night when your mouth is dry. Also, make certain to get regular dental checkups. Fortunately, just as eating certain foods can cause your breath to be unpleasant, other foods can help mask bad breath.

They include:

Parsley: Chewing parsley is probably one of the most well-known ways to treat bad breath. Its oils are what do the trick. Likewise, spearmint and cinnamon can help mask bad breath. Some other herbs and spices that work for the same reason are coriander, cilantro, tarragon, eucalyptus and rosemary.

Green Tea: Contains catechin, a powerful antioxidant that can fend off bacteria.

Yogurt: Studies have shown that the live active cultures in yogurt reduce bad breath.

Fruits and Vegetables: these crunchy munchies encourage the production of saliva, the bacteria rinse agent.

Almonds and Other Nuts: The fiber rich content of foods have been shown to keep odor causing bacteria from staining teeth.

Drink Water: You want to keep your mouth moist. Water rinses out your mouth and its generally good for your system.

Chew Sugarless Gum: It not only masks the odor but also promotes the production of saliva, which helps rinse your mouth of harmful plaque and bacteria.

Breath Mints: Like eating sprigs of parsley or other herbs, sucking on sugar-free breath mints will mask the odor for at least a little while!


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